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Kids Benefit Rewards

Kids Benefit Rewards

You can earn a store credit after only six purchases with the Kids Benefit Rewards program!

Here is how it works:

When you sign up for the absolutely FREE Kids Benefit Rewards, you receive a membership card. Your card will stay in the store, so you never have to remember to bring it in, or keep track of it when you switch wallets or purses.

Each time you shop at Kids Trading Company, just get your card from our alphabetized card boxes and give it to us. Your purchase (before tax) goes in an empty box on the card, and we return the card to the box for you.

When you have made six purchases, you are rewarded with a store credit worth 5% of your total purchases! This credit won't expire and is valid on everything in the store!

Once your credit is spent, you will start collecting towards another credit!

Sample card:

Special Bonuses for Kids Benefit Members: 

  • When you have filled your first six boxes, you will get a FREE tote bag. Bring this tote bag to Kids Trading Company every time there is a 5th Saturday in a month throughout the year, for a special Kids Benefit Rewards Sale! You get 20% off any merchandise you can fit in your tote bag! 
  • As a member, you also receive our weekly email Newsletter for FREE, as well as periodic notices about special sales for members only!