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Easter Puzzle Promotion - April 11-13

This month we are giving away a puzzle piece with each purchase. Bring your puzzle piece back between April 11-13 to see if it matches the missing piece in our puzzle! If you have the matching piece, you win a $100 Gift Certificate!
Every time you shop you will increase your chances of winning!


Easter Bunny - April 15, 10AM-12PM

Bring your little ones in to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny will be here at the store between 10am-12pm on Saturday April 15! We are taking reservations in 15 minute increments and will take walk-ins as time permits. Email us ( or phone (306-586-1336) to reserve a time. This is a free event! Bring your own camera.


Bicycle Event - April 20-23

We are hosting a limited time second-hand bicycle event!
Come shop a selection of bicycles, tricycles and other outdoor toys and move into the bigger size your child needs at a great price!

Plant a Sunflower - April 22, 10AM-5PM

Join us again for our annual Earth Day event! Come in on Saturday April 22 and plant a free sunflower seed.
Water and watch it grow and then plant in a pot or in your garden this summer!



April Birthday Party - April 29, 12-5PM

Happy Birthday! We are throwing a birthday party for all the April babies registered in our Birthday Club! There will be birthday gifts and treats for the birthday babies! Please note that your child needs to be registered in the birthday club and RSVP'd to the party invitation to receive a gift. Click here to find out how to register!