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Kids Trading Company is a locally owned, small business. We are proud to be your friendly neighbourhood kids’ store! But we can only thrive if our local community is thriving, and we take great pride in being a part of making that happen.

If you are looking for support for your organization or charity, and you think Kids Trading Company would be a great partner for you, we have three different options of how we can help! Have a look and see which one will fit best with your goal, we’d love to team up and help make your fundraising a success.

After Hours Shopping Event
When you book an After Hours Shopping Event with us, we open the store after hours, exclusively for you. We provide the staffing AND we will donate 20% of all sales during the event to your cause/organization! All you need to do is get the word out to all your members to come and shop during the event! This choice is perfect if you have limited time and would like faster results, and if your members and friends have children or grandchildren, as they will be happy to shop all the great products at Kids Trading Company all the while supporting your cause!

Shop for the Community
Every year we host weekly or monthly Shop For the Community events where different organizations can register. Members that shop during the selected week can designate 10% of their sales to the organization of their choice. One example is our Shop 4 Schools event in the fall. All registered schools get 10% of sales designated to each individual school during the specific week. If you are interested in registering your child’s school or organization for one of our Shop For the Community events give us a call today!

Gift Certificate Fundraiser

When you choose the Gift Certificate Fundraiser, we will provide you with Gift Certificates to Kids Trading Company, which you can distribute to your members and supporters. We will schedule a window when the Gift Certificates can be redeemed, and we will donate 20% of sales from these Gift Certificates (less the Gift Certificate amount) to your cause or organization. This is a great option if you are putting together a fundraising event yourself as you can distribute the Gift Certificates at your event, and keep the donations coming as your supporters come in to shop!

Call (306-586-1336) or email today to set up a fundraiser for your organization!