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Your Family Plan for the New Year

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At the beginning of a new year (or why not every new season, month or week too?) we might be inspired to set new intentions, goals or resolutions. These are usually highly personal and will help us grow and expand. So why not apply the same principal to our family? In our busy day-to-day lives we can sometimes feel disconnected from our families and maybe it feels like everyone in your family is moving in a million different directions. That's where our Family Plan comes in. Use it at the beginning of the year, or maybe even at the start of each month or week to connect with your family, and to get on the same page and make sure that this important time with your children doesn't get lost in the hustle and bustle. Coming together to create your plan will give everyone a sense of belonging and importance, like they are part of something bigger and that how they feel matters.

How to use the plan:

First, download our template here!

Bucket List

This is where you as a family choose the activities or experiences you would like to do together in the time period you are planning for. Make sure everyone's wishes are heard and don't be too quick to rule things out because you think they are impossible. Sometimes opportunities will open up as long as we keep our minds and hearts open!

Word of the...

I'm sure you know about the trend to pick a word, or focus for the year (more on that process here). Having a theme that corresponds with your values will help you stay focused on what really matters, and moving you forward. So how about we pick a word for our families too! Maybe your schedules have been overloaded lately and the family could use some calm. Maybe siblings (or your spouse and you) have been arguing a lot and everyone would benefit from more peace. Choose a word that will move your family forward, together.

Sprinkling Kindness

The world can absolutely use more kindness, and it all starts with each one of us. How can each family member spread more kindness in the next little while? Can we list kind things to say to each other and others? Can we contribute in any way where help might be needed (at home with chores as well as outside the home)? Can we gift/donate things, money, food or our time? And equally important: How can we extend kindness to ourselves? Something many of us need to practice more. We have 15 ideas to get you started here!

Family Motto

Finally, choose a family motto that will guide you all for the next week, month or year. Remind each other when things get stressful or family members feel frazzled. Coming back to your motto will help remind you all that you are a team, and no matter what is going on in your lives, you will always have each other!


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