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We just had a baby - here is how you can help

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In the chaos and wonder and magic and chaos that ensues after we welcome a baby to the family, well meaning family and friends might try to help and instead end up stressing us out even more. What you and your partner need is time to bond with baby and get used to a new schedule and new routines. Don't feel bad asking those close to you to support you in this endeavour.

Let them know what time of day is the best for them to stop by to suit your and baby's schedule best.

It's understandable that your loved ones want to spend time getting to know your baby too, and while there are times we can appreciate them taking baby for a bit to give us a break, for the first little while, that's usually not where we need them the most. 

To make it a little easier, we have compiled a printable list of helpful activities that you can hand your supportive and helpful friends or family members (or leave strategically on the fridge) when they ask what they can do to help. Feel free to add more items to the list as it suits your family: 


[Click the image to open the printable list] 


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