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Top 5 Parenting & Family Apps

Family Parenting

We LOVE family time, sans electronics, where everyone is present in the moment with our loved ones (we've written lots of posts on this, find those links below).

Having said that, there are times when even we have to admit that the evolution of electronic devices and their functions, have made life more convenient. We've rounded up five apps that help make our lives as parent a little easier:

  1. Baby Connect (iOS, Android, Windows)
    Use Baby Connect to track your baby's feeding/nursing/pumping schedule, naps, diapers, temperature and even moods. View graphs and trends and track medical information. 

  2. Chorma (iOS)
    Chorma is an easy and fun way to organize chores with your family. It synchronizes between devices and tracks Chorma points for completed chores, that can be redeemed for rewards (which you customize).

  3. MamaBear (iOS, Android)
    MamaBear is a private family communication hub providing parents with an efficient way to communicate, locate, organize and protect their children with peace of mind. MamaBear offers a unique set of social media monitoring features, family mapping, alerts as well as alerts to cyber threats toward your children.

  4. Potty Training Time (iOS)
    Use this app to make potty training fun and rewarding. Watch videos, play games, track progress and celebrate with fun rewards like play a game or read a book together.

  5. Geocaching (iOS, Android)
    Go on a family treasure hunt with the Geocaching app. Not sure what Geocaching is all about? Find more information here. And explore your neighbourhood, city or province while working together as a family.

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