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Top 5 Benefits of Puzzles

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As you start to consider what items will make the list for gifts for your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends, we wanted to share the great benefits that a good old puzzle has to offer. Did you realize that laying puzzles can help your child develop all this? 

  1. Cognitive Skills - Shapes, colours, numbers or letters in puzzles increase your child's visual spacial awareness and help develop a deeper understanding of that theme.
  2. Fine Motor Skills - Picking up different sized pieces, moving them around and manipulating them into place all contribute to developing your child's fine motor skills.
  3. Problem Solving - The task of completing a puzzle presents your child with the chance to problem solve and find solutions, a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives. 
  4. Eye-Hand Coordination - Trying a puzzle piece, discovering that it doesn't fit and trying it in a different spot utilizes great eye-hand coordination.
  5. Self Esteem - Your child will feel such pride and accomplishment after successfully completing a puzzle. To set a goal and then achieve it is a great boost to your self confidence!

We love the Begin Again wood puzzles which teach colours or numbers and even adds another language to your child's vocabulary with many of the puzzles offering English and Spanish! They are made with eco-friendly rubber wood and non toxic water based stains.

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