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Top 5 Benefits of Puzzles

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Sometimes overlooked in the digital age, we wanted to share the great benefits that a good old puzzle has to offer. Did you realize that laying puzzles can help your child develop all this:

  1. Cognitive Skills - Shapes, colours, numbers or letters in puzzles increase your child's visual spacial awareness and help develop a deeper understanding of that theme.
  2. Fine Motor Skills - Picking up different sized pieces, moving them around and manipulating them into place all contribute to developing your child's fine motor skills.
  3. Problem Solving - The task of completing a puzzle presents your child with the chance to problem solve and find solutions, a skill that will benefit them throughout their lives. 
  4. Eye-Hand Coordination - Trying a puzzle piece, discovering that it doesn't fit and trying it in a different spot utilizes great eye-hand coordination.
  5. Self Esteem - Your child will feel such pride and accomplishment after successfully completing a puzzle. To set a goal and then achieve it is a great boost to your self confidence!

And the benefits don't stop at childhood! Even for adults, puzzle solving is a stress reliever and helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells.

So let's get puzzling! Stop by our puzzle shelf if you need a new challenge, we love recycling puzzles when they become a bit too easy.

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