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They forgot to add this to your report card

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For those of you with school aged children, it's time for report cards to come home as another school year is coming to an end. As a child, a good report card meant a lot to me, it was my way of feeling good enough, of getting approval, of being seen. I was very hard on myself if I didn't feel I measured up to my own high standards. In our society, good grades are the measuring stick of educational success. But as I've learned as a mom, not everyone fits into that mold, so I'd like to offer another view as you get ready to look at that report card with your child:

Dear child,

As you leave another school year behind, and prepare for a summer holiday of leisure and fun, school will leave you one last gift: The summary of your performance over the past year. But before you open that envelope and look at the letters and numbers assigned to your different subjects, please remember this: This piece of paper is not a judgement of your value or worth. It tells us nothing of your kindness, your generosity, your creativity or your passion.

It might tell you which subjects you were more interested in than others. It might tell you in which topics your teacher was able to awaken a curiosity in you. It might show a talent in sitting still and paying attention or a knack for memorizing.

These are subjects that were chosen by a group of adults to be important in preparing for adulthood. But there are so many more subjects that YOU might excel in, that will never be a part of that school curriculum and therefor not a part of that report card. There is a whole world of amazing things for you to learn about, experience and create. You have ideas that no one else even thought of yet, you just have to let them out. 

Maybe you are a wonderful brother or sister. Maybe you are a really loyal friend. Maybe you are incredibly creative and can create a whole world of characters and their traits all from your imagination. Maybe you are a great cook. Maybe you can sing, or dance, or play an instrument. Maybe you are a great listener. Maybe you have mastered that video game that mom and dad couldn't even get past the first level on. Maybe you love animals and treat them with kindness. Maybe you are thoughtful. Maybe you can jump really high, or spin really fast. Maybe you are funny and can bring a smile to everyone around you. Maybe you are all those things. Those are the things that make you, you. Those are also things that didn't fit on that report card. 

So don't think for a second that you are a good person or a bad person just because of a good or bad grade, because there is so much more to you, and to life than a letter or a number on a piece of paper. You bring such positivity to your family, friends and to this world. Thank you for being you!

Have a wonderful summer holiday!

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  • Kids Trading Company on

    Thank you Maren!

  • Maren Beaton on

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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