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No More Holidaze - The wrap up

Christmas Family

We have Planned it, Scheduled it, Cooked it and now we are wrapping up our holiday season preparations, so that we can spend the month of December really truly enjoying the season and being present with our families. 

Before we dive into our focus for this week, I want to check in on you. Have you been taking time out for self care? Whether you are just stopping to breathe deeply, checking in with an important family member or going for a walk in the fresh (cold) air, it is imperative that we take these moments to reconnect to ourselves. You deserve it!

We have reached the last week of November, and hopefully by now you have most of your gift shopping (or making) taken care of, you might have some tasty food prepared and in the freezer already (and a schedule for the rest), and any important events are in your calendar. This week we are wrapping things up and tying up loose ends:

  1. It's gift wrapping time! If you need to stock up on gift wrap, schedule time to do so this week. Hopefully some gifts were already wrapped for you at the time of purchase, just make some time this week to wrap the rest! If you have the time, you might like some of these different gift wrap ideas!

  2. Did you fall behind in any of the previous weeks? Don't stress about it. No Holidaze means letting go of our perfectionist tendencies and giving ourselves a break! Do what you can and remember your Holiday Manifesto - what you didn't get done, does it really matter? If so, you'll find the time for it. And if not, let it go.

  3. Now the fun part! Look ahead to December and see what family activities and traditions you are looking forward to. Baking gingerbread cookies together? Decorating the tree? Going tobogganing and having hot chocolate after? Reading Christmas stories, or watching holiday movies? Family photos? This is what you were waiting for! Most of the time consuming prep work is taken care of, and now you get to just enjoy the season and the gift that is time with your family and near and dear ones.

  4. Share the joy! If this series has been helpful to you, please let us know! Stop by to see us in the store, or leave us a message here, on our Facebook page or the Insiders group! Post a picture of you with your feet up, or doing something you truly enjoy! And share this blog series with someone you love who you think could use some help in preventing the Holidaze from setting in.

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