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No More Holidaze - Schedule it in

Christmas Family

Welcome back to our No More Holidaze series. If you are just joining us - don't panic, just start by reading our Plan it out post here!
This week we continue our quest to end the Holidaze and bring in a more relaxed and joyful holiday season. This week, we schedule it in!

Before we start, please look up the Holiday Manifesto you wrote down last week. We need to remind ourselves of what truly matters to us this holiday season. Is your intent for yourself and your family clear in your mind? Perfect!

  1. Grab your favourite calendar and your plan from last week.

  2. It's time to schedule things in. Start by taking the traditions and family activities from your manifest and schedule time for them all. Because that's the way we make sure they happen! Don't forget to schedule in time to decorate, if that is a part of your manifesto. Whether you like your decorations up as early as possible, or prefer the calendar to say December before bringing out the Santas and snowmen, schedule it in! Is it a family tradition to pick out a tree together and decorating it? Make sure to add it to your calendar to make it a relaxed and stress-free event. 

  3. Now we look at your list of events, and write them in your calendar. Be sure to schedule any preparations needed too so you don't remember them last minute and have to scramble. 

  4. Next, see when in the next week you could schedule in some time to shop for gifts. If this week doesn't work, schedule it in later in the month, the important thing here is to make sure you are booking off time for this. Here are some tips that will save you time:

    ~ Use your list of who you will be shopping for and what you are getting them, and plan your shopping trip accordingly. It saves you time to pick up items from stores close in location in one trip. And it saves you time (and money) to know ahead of time what you are buying.

    ~ Shop local! Smaller, locally owned stores will be less cramped, will have knowledgeable staff that can help you find what you need and can help you make an informed decision. Here at Kids Trading Company we also offer free gift wrap and we will be happy to ship your purchase anywhere in Canada for you. Saving you time and energy for the things on your manifesto!

    ~ If you have to order anything online, try to schedule time to do that this week so that you don't have to pay extra for speedy shipping.

    ~ Get a baby sitter if possible! We all know shopping goes so much faster if we are on our own, and of course gifts for your kids can't be bought while they are with you. (Unless of course you shop at Kids Trading Company where we are experts at sneaking gifts into bags while your kids are otherwise distracted in our play area!)

  5. Now to the food! Go down your list of foods for the season and see if anything can be cooked/baked in advance and frozen? Can you add ingredients for cookies you are gifting in a pretty mason jar, add the recipe and let the recipient bake them? Look at your calendar and schedule in cooking and baking time, and add what you need to that week's grocery list. Leave only the things that must be prepared fresh for December.

  6. Time for you! You have all heard the instruction to put your own oxygen mask on first, before trying to help anyone else. This is especially hard for us moms in particular but there is no other way! I want you to look at your calendar and write down YOU TIME! It can be as tiny as setting your phone to remind you to take five deep breaths, a coffee date with a friend or family member, a date night with your partner or just a bubble bath. But plan it in! Here is a list of ideas, schedule in a longer self care activity at least once a week from now until Christmas. Set reminders on your phone for some of the smaller ones daily! Don't skip this step!
So far we have planned out our budget, who we are shopping for, what we are cooking and which events we are attending. We have scheduled in shopping trips, meal preps and self care and we know when our events are happening. Doesn't that feel so good??
Now you know what needs to be done when, and can spend any free time enjoying your family!

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