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No More Holidaze - Cook it and craft it

Christmas Family

Welcome back to our No More Holidaze series! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, they are still available, and it's never too late to end the Holidaze! This week we are sharing tips and ideas to keep you and your family well fed this season!

How did you do with your schedule last week? Did you get some shopping done? Make sure you cross everyone off your list when you're done! If you didn't finish shopping last week, set some time aside this week as well. We want our gifts to be taken care of before the end of the month! This week, we are looking a bit closer at the delicious foods of the season, and we are also giving you some tips for time saving suppers to leave you more time for holiday prep and family fun!

  1. If you haven't done so already, check out our Facebook page here, because this week we will be discussing some great ideas for batch cooking, slow cooking and other tips on how to feed your family well with less time commitment. Leaving more time for the holiday prep, self care and family fun you have scheduled in!

  2. Are you in the mood to try some new treats? We have some great ones listed on our blog, including my recipe for Swedish gingerbread cookies, Swedish caramels and really cute Santa Brownies. We even have a child friendly eggnog recipe for your family gathering. See them all here!

  3. How is your schedule looking for your holiday food prep? Make sure you give yourself time to cook and bake your favourites ahead of time to have less stress later, but only if it fits into your Holiday Manifesto! Take a second to go back and remind yourself of your intentions for this season. If you'd rather source out your cooking and baking, to have more time tobogganing or snow-angel making, go for it!

  4. Do you love crafting with your kids? Or enjoy giving friends and family gifts made with love? We have some fun ideas, like these Sock Snowmen, Milk Jug Snowmen or these ornaments made from your child's closet (a great keepsake for grandparents). This is a great time to schedule in time for creative crafting if that is something you enjoy.
I hope by now you are starting to feel in control of your holiday schedule, and more relaxed about the upcoming season. Join us again next week for our wrap up (pun intended)!

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