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Let's Go for a Scavenger Hunt!

Family Play Summer

This time of year there are so many reasons to get outside, and one way we can get our kids on board is to go for a scavenger hunt! A scavenger hunt is easy to create and can be customized to any age, theme and place (it's a great incentive to bring your child along on a family walk). The rules are simple: Scavenge for the items on your list, the person that finds all items first (or the person who finds most items when the time is up) wins. You can do this with just your kids/family, or as a party game with teams. The prize can be anything from a trinket, to special time with mom or dad. Below you can find some ideas to add to the scavenger list, based on location:

At the Beach

  • Umbrella
  • Blue hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Boat
  • Red bucket
  • Shiny rock
  • Beach ball
  • Seagull
  • Striped towel
  • Sandcastle
  • Yellow beach chair
  • Airplane

At the Playground

  • Sandbox
  • Regular swing
  • Tire swing
  • Slide
  • Water sprays
  • Balance beam
  • Monkey bars
  • Teeter-totter
  • Climbing wall
In the Car
  • Licence plates from different provinces
  • Road signs
  • Fire hydrant
  • Tow truck
  • Bicycle
  • Cow
  • Emergency vehicle
  • Traffic light
  • Barn
  • Motorcycle
  • Bridge
  • Dog
  • Sheep
  • Train

At the Grocery Store

  • Pineapple
  • Red bell pepper
  • Avocado
  • Egg plant
  • Mushroom
  • Loaf of bread
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Block of cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Rice
  • Peanut butter
  • Can of tuna
  • Eggs

On the walk/hike

  • A flying insect
  • Squirrel
  • A red flower
  • Tree stump
  • Moss
  • Spiderweb
  • Animal tracks
  • Pine cone
  • A bird's feather
  • A Y-shaped branch
  • A tree trunk with a hole in it
  • A fern
  • A red leaf
  • A green leaf
  • A yellow leaf
  • A piece of garbage (let's pick it up and put it where it belongs)
  • A rock big enough to stand on

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