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How to Hygge this Winter (and why you want to)

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The Danish tradition of Hygge has been sweeping the world lately and I thought there is no better time to embrace Hygge than in January! If you haven't heard of Hygge yet, here is a brief description:

The basics of the Hygge concept is to surround yourself with coziness, relax and forget about the worries of the world. It can (and should) be practiced all year round, but I think dark and cold January is the perfect time to start! Here are 7 ways you can Hygge this month:

  1. Light up the dark
    Light up the darkness of the season with lots of small, soft lights. Keep those Christmas lights up just a bit longer, light some flickering candles or use soft and warm accent lamps.

  2. Connect
    Hygge is also about connecting with those close to you. Host a potluck with family, or have a cozy game night with your children. Sit down for evening meals and connect with each other.

  3. Unplug
    Disconnect from the TV, phone and games for a bit and read a book or magazine, or listen to some music. Talk to each other or just enjoy the silence.

  4. Comfy clothes
    To Hygge is to be super comfy, so whenever the situation allows, break out your comfiest pants, oversized soft sweaters and thick, cozy socks!

  5. Snuggle in
    Hygge your surroundings! Add some comfy, fluffy pillows to your couches and chairs, have warm throws handy and lay soft area rugs on uncovered, cold floors.

  6. Warm drinks
    Warm up from the inside out with your favourite hot beverage. Whether sipping on some hot chocolate, tea or coffee, use the biggest mug you can find and wrap your hands around it to let the warmth seep through you.

  7. Enjoy outside
    Go outside for a walk, go tobogganing with your little ones or enjoy an outdoor fire and roast some marshmallows or wieners. Marvel in the beauty that is nature covered in winter, soak up the precious daylight and breathe some fresh air.

Hygge is about simplifying our lives, and slowing down to enjoy the small moments and simple pleasures. There are lots more ways you can do just that, whether by making a regular meal special by using the good china, or soaking in a bubble bath. Hopefully this list gets your creative juices flowing, join our KTC Insiders group and share how you Hygge!

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