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Getting Your Child's Closet Organized - Part 3

Consignment Fall

So if you've been following along these past couple of weeks you should have yourself pretty organized for this upcoming fall/winter season (catch up on Part 1 and Part 2). But as the warm summer weather is starting to dwindle and cooler mornings and evenings are here, we have one last mission: What to do with the summer clothes?

Step Four – Get ahead of the game

So it’s time to make room for all that new fall and winter clothes you have been getting the last couple of weeks (or will get if you didn't get to the shopping step yet). What you could do is just take all the summer clothes, stuff it in a tote, put it in the basement and forget about it. But we are getting organized here, and we are about to make your future self very happy! 

Instead of just getting it out of sight (and out of mind) we will spend some time looking through them, similar to what we did with the old fall clothes in step one. Are there pieces that your child just wore right out, and they just aren't going to make it another summer season? Toss it  now (or donate it if it’s still wearable). Why should it take up space in your house all winter?


Then take all the clothes that are still in great shape, but you know for a fact, just won’t fit next year. Maybe your child was just barely fitting it towards the end of summer, which means they simply won’t fit it next year. These are the only items you want to save. Keep them in a tote, label it spring/summer 2015 and call your local consignment shop right now to find out when you can book your spring and summer appointment. Kids Trading Company start booking our spring and summer appointments in October (as our spring/summer season is January-May) but every store differs, so check with yours to be sure. If they aren't booking just yet, make a note in a calendar (with a reminder if it’s in your phone) to call when they start. Of course if you’d rather give them to a family member or friend, no appointment is necessary.

If there are some items that you think might still fit, or that will fit a sibling, keep them in a separate tote. As we get closer to spring and summer next year, you can revisit this tote to see if they still look okay. If not, just add them to your ‘to sell’ tote then.

Do you know what you just did? You got your child’s closet organized, and in doing so you got yourself organized. Once this season comes to an end, you can simply repeat these steps and every season will be a breeze! Way to go!

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