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Fun in the rain

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As we get older we tend to develop a bit of an allergy to mess and wetness. So we sort of forget how much fun it is to play in the rain. There is plenty of inspiration out there for indoor activities to pull out when a rainy day hits. But why stay inside? There can be plenty of fun to have outside in the rain! (See our post on 5 reasons why playing outside is important in any weather). It's the perfect way to get in that hour of physical activity recommended for children. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get wet: If the temperature allows it, done some swimsuits and make getting wet your mission! Take out the slip'n'slide if you have one, or the paddling pool. Rain is basically just an outdoor shower!
  • Get artistic: Sprinkle powdered tempera paint onto heavy, white construction paper. Set the paper outside (on a plastic sheet if you don't want the ground painted too) and let the rain turn the powder into masterful pieces of art.
  • Get wet AND artistic: Put on those swimsuits and make yourself the piece of art. Use bath crayons or other water soluble paint and decorate yourselves! Then go outside and let the rain wash it off!
  • Splash contest: Get those rubber boots and splash pants/suits on and find the biggest puddle on your block. See who can create the biggest splash ever!
  • Have a picnic: While it might not be enjoyable to eat in the rain, it is super cozy to have a picnic in a tent during the rain. Set one up in the back yard (a small play tent would do too) and when the rain clouds roll in, pack a picnic basket and some blankets and camp out! Just listen and watch the rain fall, or cuddle up and read some books. 
  • Look for worms: When it rains the earth worms come out, see how many you can find in your yard, or walking around your block.
  • Estimate the rainfall: Use clear plastic cups and let your children draw a line on the cup where they think the rain will fill it to. Set the cups outside and see who got the closest.
  • Have a stick race: Can you find moving water nearby? Maybe the water trickles down the street? Set a leaf or a stick in the water and see which one races first!
If it's too chilly for swimsuits, make sure you have proper rain gear on hand to keep the fun outside activities going. Shop our collection of new-to-you rain gear and rain boots, so you're ready when the rain starts falling!

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