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Fun gift wrap ideas

Christmas Crafts Winter

Hopefully you are getting close to finishing up your Christmas shopping. But why not have some fun wrapping those gifts? And let your little ones help! We've gathered up 5 different gift wrap ideas for you, some are a bit more time consuming than others, but when used as a craft project with the kids, they double as fun time:

1. Monogrammed Gift

Use pipe cleaners to add a personal monogram to your gifts. Secure with a twist tie!


2. Paper Sequins

Use a round paper punch to cut different sized circles from craft paper, using two or three different colours. Punch a hole through the circles with a nail and string them onto a thread, using a needle. Wrap around your box and secure with tape.

3. Chalkboard Tag

Wrap your gift using Kraft paper. Draw a shape for your gift tag and paint with chalk board paint. Write the names with chalk once it's dry.

4. Pretty Pictures

Start out by wrapping your gift with coloured construction paper. Use the eraser end of a pencil, dipped in slightly thinned white craft paint, or on a white ink pad and then stamp onto the gift. Make snowflakes or a snowman, using a black marker to add eyes, mouth and arms and add a carrot nose.

5. Strings of Light

Start by wrapping your gift in craft or butcher paper. Using a stamp (you can make your own using a potato, or a cork from a bottle) and different coloured paints (brush the paint onto the stamp to avoid too much paint), stamp light bulbs along a string drawn with a marker. 

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