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FAQ - The Bath Time Edition

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As we bring baby home for the first time, we come home with advice on how to give sponge baths and how to care for baby's belly button. But then what? Here are some common questions we get about bathing baby to kids, and our answers!

Q: How often should my child have a bath?

A: Your baby only needs a bath about three days a week, and in between you can clean baby's hands and face with a wet cloth. Your toddler and older child might need a bath more often depending on their activities. Just keep in mind that too frequent baths can dry out your child's skin, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Teenagers will often need a bath or shower every day.

Q: What kind of products should I use?

A: For baby's sensitive skin, the more natural the better! Use unscented products as perfumes can be irritating to skin and eyes. Even better, we love the Warsh cloth which doesn't require any soap and provides a gentle clean. Use a mild schampoo, and a fragrance free lotion after bath. Older children can usually handle a wider variety of products on their skin, but if your child has dry skin or eczema, stick to all natural soaps and lotions. 

Q: How hot should the water be?

A: You want the water to be warm, not hot. Our water heaters are usually set quite hot in order to prohibit bactera growth so always check the water temperature before placing your baby or child in the bath and never add hot water while your child is in the tub. Use your elbow rather than your hand to check the temperature, or use a hot water indicator.

Q: What should I bathe my baby in?

A: While your baby is still little, you can use a baby tub placed in your big tub, or use your kitchen sink! Add a towel or bathmat to the bottom and only fill the tub or sink with two to three inches of water. Once your baby can sit up use a bath support seat like the Kushies bath mat, which will keep baby supported while the non-slip mat keeps baby safe (and it also includes a temperature indicator). An older child can safely go in the big tub without support, but keep a non-slip mat in the tub and of course never leave your child unattended.

Q: What if my child doesn't like baths?

A: Some kids just love bath time, and others need a little encouragement. Stock up on some fun bath toys (which could be as simple as different sized containers to pour water with). Kids love pouring and squirting water! And having your undivided attention is a great treat for your child! Also make bath time part of a bigger night time routine. Dry off with a fun towel and slip into a cozy robe and cuddle up for story time! 


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