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Family Traditions for the Last Day of School

Family School Summer

As you've seen in many of our other blog posts, I truly believe that creating family traditions (no matter how big or small) is so important for little ones as they grow up. There are so many occasions throughout the year to adopt a family tradition, one of them being the last day of school! Does your family have something specific that you do together to celebrate the start of summer holidays? If not, here are 5 suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Ice Cream for the win!
    Not much says summer as much as ice cream! Make it a tradition to celebrate the last day of school by enjoying ice cream, either from your favourite ice cream shop, or at home with a topping-buffet for everyone to create their own masterpiece! Prefer a dairy free treat? Check out our banana ice cream here. Or for a more frosty choice, try one of these homemade Popsicle recipes.

  2. Celebratory dinner
    Let your child be the decider of their favourite home cooked meal, or restaurant. If you have more than one child in school, let them take turns deciding, or let them each choose a specific part of the dinner experience (one chooses the appetizer, one the main and another the dessert for example). Make it fancy or keep it simple, like dining picnic style (see our suggestions for a delicious and transportable picnic menu here)!

  3. Family BBQ
    Speaking of dinner, perhaps having a larger family tradition is what you are after. If so, gather up all your extended family for a big family BBQ or potluck (we have some great slow-cooker recipes here that are perfect for a summer potluck)! Get grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins together for a joint celebration, we could always use another reason to connect with each other because life is busy! 

  4. Get playing
    Take your celebration to your child's favourite playground or spray park! Start the summer off right with outdoor play and get in there with your child! "Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn" - O. Fred Donaldson

  5. One-on-one time
    This might be the perfect opportunity to add in a one-on-one tradition with your family. This is when each parent gets some alone time with each child, doing an activity that your child really treasures. It could be a mani/pedi session, a Lego building activity, drawing or going to a movie together. Anything that fits your child's interests goes, the important thing is that your child can feel that he or she has your undivided attention for this special day.
We all need more reasons to celebrate, so why not make the last day of school one of them! And for a different point of view on your child's final report card, read this post.

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