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Egg Carton Gift Boxes

Crafts Easter

Start saving those egg cartons! We have a really cute craft for an easy Easter Gift Box (of course you could use them for gifts all year round)! These are perfect as an alternative to Easter baskets, and just the right size for holding small treats and gifts. Your child would love making them with you too:

What you need

  • Empty egg cartons (peel the label off the top)
  • Craft paint of your choice
  • Brushes
  • "Easter grass" or paper shreds
  • Treats and small gifts to fill it with

How to make them

  1. Get creative! There are no rules! Start by painting the carton a solid colour. Let it dry before painting dots, stripes or any other pattern you like.
  2. Once dry, add some Easter grass on the inside and fill with treats! Some ideas for a child would be some candies, small toys (like the small tins of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty), hair bows or jewelry. Or if it is a gift for a friend or grand parent, fill with tasty chocolates!

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