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Dressing Your Baby for Summer

Babies Summer Sun Safety

Ahh... summer! The season where we can shed layers and layers of clothing and leave our house without piling on coats and ski pants and wait, where did the mitts go? But when you have a young baby, there are still some things to consider when heading outside for a fun summer day:

Dressing Your Baby for Summer


Depending on how cool you keep your house in the summer, there might not be a need to alter what your baby usually wears. But if you don't have central air and your house gets fairly warm during the summer, it's important to adjust accordingly. Dress baby in lighter shorts or rompers, or strip down to just the diaper! The risk of SIDS is higher if baby is hot, so at nighttime, try to keep baby's room cooler with a fan and dress him in lighter, cotton pj's. If you use a sleep-bag, switch to a lighter tog (weight) during the summer months. If you still swaddle baby, use a muslin cotton wrap which breathes and wicks moisture away. We love the Lulujo Muslin Swaddling Blankets and the Perlimpinpin Muslin Nap bags!

Heading outside

Whether you are heading out for a walk in the stroller, or spending time in a park or the beach, do your best to seek out the shade, especially between 10am-2pm when the sun is the strongest. Dressing baby in lighter colours will help keep her cooler, and using natural fabrics like cotton will help absorb perspiration better than synthetic fabrics. Wearing long sleeves and legs will help protect baby's skin from the sun's rays and of course a wide brimmed sun hat is essential. There are great reasons to add some sunglasses to baby's outside wardrobe too. We love the Baby Banz sunglasses (available in store).
Should you find yourself out of the shade, it is now considered okay to apply sunscreen even on babies under 6 months, but try to make it a natural and non nano type. We love the Badger organic sunscreen cream (available in store).
If you use a baby carrier, consider switching to a stroller during the hottest days as your body heat will make baby even hotter, and using a carrier made with a synthetic fabric will just make it worse. 

Badger Organic SunscreenBanz Sunglasses

Treating a heat rash

Babies can only sweat from their neck, hands, feet and head, so it's quite easy for them to overheat. If even with the best of intentions your baby develop a heat rash do your best to keep them cool and dry by keeping them in a cool room and changing any damp clothing. Wear lose fitting clothing that allow baby's skin to breathe. Try to avoid using creams or lotions as they may just further irritate the skin and clog the pores, making it even harder for baby to sweat.

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