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Create a Functional Child's Closet

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If you are like me, and the thought of opening your child's closet to pick out some clothes, or put clean ones away, fills you with dread, maybe it is time to get it organized. We have some great tips for how to organize your child's clothing by season in this blog series. But this week we focus on how to best set up the closet to stay neat, tidy and save precious time in the mornings:

  1. Start by assessing the situation: Has your child's closet become a storage for a multitude of other things? If so, make a decision on what really needs to be kept in here. If the closet is small this is especially important. If you do need to house some toys and books in the closet, try to add shelves, baskets or bins to keep them organized.

  2. Depending on the layout of the closet, you can arrange to have two or three hanging rods, a combination of shelves and hanging rods, or you might be able to fit a dresser along with a rod or shelving. One great idea is to hang a canvas sweater shelf on a hanging rod where you can arrange one completed outfit for each day of the school week. 
  3. If space is limited, it is best to keep the closet organized for one season at a time. Pack the out-of-season clothes and shoes in plastic totes and store in the garage or basement so that you are not digging through out-of-season clothes to find something to wear (or so your child doesn't dress herself in shorts in the winter).

  4. Keep outgrown clothes and shoes out of the way by keeping a bin or drawer specifically for too-small items. As your child tries something on that ends up being too small, add it to the bin to be sorted later (see how to go about consigning your child's clothing here).

  5. Sort clothes by function - for younger children, hanging matching sets together saves time. For older kids, sort items by type (tops together, pants together etc.)
  6. A great idea is to hang a shoe organizer on the inside of the closet door. If you don't have enough shoes to fill all the pockets, they also make great storage spots for things like belts, hats, hair accessories or jewelry.

  7. If there is room, add a hamper right in the closet. That way it is out of sight, and it is easy for your child to add their dirty clothes in the hamper as they get new clean clothes out.
We'd love to see your before & after photos! Post them on our Facebook page as an inspiration to others!

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