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Cozy Fridays - Starting a family tradition

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As many of you know, I’m born and raised in Sweden, and while I’m now proud to live in Canada, I still keep up with the Swedish trends when I can. One trend that has really taken a hold over there in the last few years, that I think is awesome, is “Cozy Friday” (Fredagsmys). It’s a day when your family have a tasty supper together, pick up or make some yummy snacks, and spend the evening together watching a movie, or playing board games and enjoying some treats. 
Although the Swedish version puts a lot of importance on the foods you’re eating, it doesn't have to be a calorie-buster, junk-food kind of day. I think the main thing to take away is that it’s a great excuse to squeeze in some family time in our busy lives. By making it a weekly tradition, and even giving it a name, we are creating some excitement and making it easier to stick to!
Here are some tips to get a Cozy Friday started with your family:
  • Let your kids take turns to pick what’s for supper on Fridays
  • Save a special treat or dessert that the family can share for Fridays, involving the kids in making the treat yourself adds to the family time spent together
  • Pick the activity that fits best with your family. Cozy Fridays could mean game night, or movie night, or build-a-fort-and-read-stories night. The idea is to have fun together as a family, whatever that looks like for your family.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat - make this a regular weekly even (when possible) so that you and your children can count on, and look forward to this day every week!
So are you willing to accept the Cozy Friday challenge? Let me know if you’re in, in the comments below! :)

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