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Clutter is a sign of indecisive energy

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Is clutter present in your life? Whether it shows up in a drawer, your closet, your whole house or in your mind, and whether the clutter is yours, your child's or your partner's, it can get in the way. Deep down, any type of clutter is a sign of indecisive energy, and indecisive energy keeps you from fully engaging in who you truly are, and what you truly love. 

"Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions"
- Barbara Hemphill

Now what is considered clutter can differ from one person to the next. You do not need to become a minimalist, if that's not pleasing to you. I like to look at it like this: 

If it is a cause of stress or anxiety for you, it's clutter.

But before you rush off to see what sparks joy and fill garbage bags with stuff, let's start with the cause rather than the symptom (otherwise it's a bit like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo cookie):

Let's talk about indecisive energy. What does it mean? 

It means that you are torn between focusing on what you do want and what you don't want.

When we focus on the good things in life, our energy flows. We feel creative, connected to our loved ones and ourselves. But then life happens and we get distracted. We start focusing on the things that cause us stress or irritation.
So we have this push-pull effect going on with our energy, and in that state it is overwhelming to make decisions, even small ones. Thoughts and things that reflect our energy start accumulating.

So how can we keep our energy flowing in one direction? How do we keep things from getting stuck and stagnant? Well that is unique to each of us. What brings you joy? What makes you excited? What makes you feel really good? Spend time doing those things, and if you can't do them right now, think about them. Feel them. Make room for them, mentally and physically. 

You will know when you have drifted off and are focusing on something you don't want by how you feel.
Feeling annoyed? Overwhelmed? Sad? Angry? Jealous?
These are not bad feelings. They are simply signs that you are thinking about something you don't want.
So ask yourself, what was I thinking just then? When you've identified it, for example: 
"I never get to do the things I want to do, I'm always catering to everyone else". Then ask yourself, what do I actually want? 
"I'd like to have time for my own activities, I feel so rejuvenated, happy and content when I get that time". Spend a few moments feeling those good feelings.

This is called pivoting. It will take some practice, but the more you do it the better you will get at it. And the more time you spend focusing on the thoughts that feel better, clutter will naturally start falling away, usually because you are inspired to clear it because it aligns with your values and true self (rather than because you think you 'should').

If the clutter isn't coming from us, but  a loved one, we can support them in this process. If your child struggles with clutter, have a close look at where they might feel overwhelmed. Too many activities? Struggles in school? Family tension? 

Simply having too many toys can cause overwhelm and indecisive energy because there are too many choices.

Take a little time to zero in on your child's true interests and talents.

Keep only the toys and activities that align with your child's current passions (revisit this occasionally as they often change as your child develops).

Be sure they have plenty of time to do those things they really enjoy.

This is the first step to get that stuck energy moving.

Remember that you are worthy of a space (physical and mental) that honours your unique desires and needs. A space that encourages calm, creativity, inspiration, love and joy. And so are our children.

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