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Best plants for the child gardener

ECO-Friendly Family Summer

Is your child expressing an interest in gardening? It's a wonderful, hands on way for children to learn about nature and science, and the extra outside time can help your child's sleep and vitamin D levels. Whether your child is interested in a beautiful flower garden or a tasty edible garden, here are 10 perfect plants for kids:

  1. Carrots - They take a bit longer to grow, but when your little one gets to finally pull that greens and sees the carrot at the end, it's pretty awesome!

  2. Daisies - They make a perfect cut flower, which means your child can make their own pretty bouquet. 

  3. Peas - Easy to grow, and tasty to pick and eat right out of the garden.

  4. Nasturtiums - These bright colourful flowers need very little care, and they are edible! They might just make your picky eater's salad pretty enough to eat!

  5. Potatoes - Did you know potatoes can be grown in a container or tall pot? Just keep adding soil once greens peek out until you reach the top of the pot. Your child will love digging for the treasure of potatoes in the soil (but make sure they don't try to eat leaves, sprouts or fruit which are all toxic)!

  6. Hens and chicks - This succulent won't mind if your child forgets to water for a bit, and they make a great addition to your child's fairy garden!

  7. Cherry tomatoes - Show your child that tomatoes don't only come in red! And the cherry or grape varieties ripen faster.

  8. Petunias - These are great for kids because they come in so many colours now, so your child can pick their favourite. It's also a great one for teaching your child to deadhead flowers to make room for new ones to grow.

  9. Strawberries - It's so exciting to check your strawberry plants every morning to see if any new berries ripened! And whether you eat them on their own, straight from the garden, or with some ice cream or whipped cream, they are a delicious treat! Just be sure to cover them so birds and critters don't get to them before you do.

  10. Lambs' Ears - Your child will love to touch the soft, furry leaves. And it's a very tolerant plant that does well in sun or shade and doesn't mind a bit of drought.

Happy gardening!

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