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Back to School Series - Smarter School Supplies Shopping

Back to School

As we get nearer to school starting we are sharing five great tips to keep in mind when starting to shop for this year's school supplies, to keep you on budget:

  1. Check last year's stash: Chances are your child brought home quite a few left over supplies at the end of the last school year. Often, many of those supplies like pencil boxes, scissors, calculators and binders, can be re-used again this year. For things like used crayons, check out this fun craft to re-purpose them!

  2. Save by going plain: Licensed products are bound to be more expensive, and often your child will change his or her mind on which characters they like over the course of a school year. So opt for more plain items which will be less expensive. Your child could always decorate her binders or pencil box with stickers that can be removed or changed up as her preferences changes.
  3. Spread it out: Take advantage of sales and discounts by picking up items that are featured in a sale, or while you have a coupon. That means keeping that supply list handy even weeks before school actually starts so that you can spot what you need when it's on sale, like the multi pack of tissue boxes. Likewise, not all supplies are needed on the first day of school. Some items might be better purchased a bit later on.

  4. Hit the Dollar stores: Basic supplies like pencils, erasers and notebooks can often be found at Dollar stores and will save you some money. Disclaimer: Do know where quality matters and buy high-use items like backpacks and lunch bags from better quality makes.

  5. Save a bit for later: Keep in mind that the list you get on the last day of school is pretty basic. Your child's new teacher may send home a supplemental list once school starts, so keep some budget set aside for later.

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