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Baby proofing checklist

Babies Checklist Parenting

It's funny how we always look forward to our baby's "next" step in development, and once we get there, we realize that the next stage is a whole other ball game! One stage in particular creates quite the upheaval in your home: baby on the move! Once your baby starts crawling, scooting or walking, there is a whole world of trouble she could get into. Here is a glance at some ways you can make your child's environment a safer one, so she can explore in safety. It can seem overwhelming to deal with all of this at once, so you can start adding some things in before baby is mobile, and work your way down the list by the time baby is on the move.

  1. Latches - Be sure to put safety latches on all cupboards and drawers. This includes the fridge and stove, bathroom cupboards and even the toilet lid.

  2. Store any household products, medicine and vitamins out of your child's reach - even with a latch on your under-sink cabinet, your child could potentially access these things, don't take the risk.

  3. Get in the habit of using your stove's back burners only - and be sure to turn pot handles backwards. 

  4. Make sure no small appliances are close to the edge of the counter, or have a cord hanging off the counter.

  5. Turn down your water heater thermostat - a thermostat set to 60°C (140°F) can cause a third degree burn after only 3 seconds. Turn it down to 50°C (120°F) to be safe. And add a faucet cover to your bath faucet.

  6. Place safety caps in any unused electrical outlets. For outlets in use, close to the floor, you can get an outlet cover to make it harder for baby to pull cords out.

  7. If you have stairs, place a baby gate at the top AND the bottom, but don't use an expansion bar type gate at the top of stairs. For safety use a gate that mounts to the wall or door frame instead. You can also use a gate in the doorway to any room you want to be off limits.

  8. Door knob covers can also stop baby from getting into an unsafe area. And to protect fingers, install a door stopper or finger guard on doors where baby can get their fingers caught.

  9. Be sure your blind cords are not looped as this can be a strangulation hazard.

  10. Put corner and/or edge bumpers on any furniture or fixtures with sharp edges or corners, and be sure to move any furniture baby could possibly climb, away from windows. A screen is not enough protection to keep a baby from falling out of the window. Bookshelves or heavy furniture (this includes your TV) should be secured to the wall with brackets to prevent tipping.

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