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A Year for Earth - Eating

A Year for Earth Earth Day ECO-Friendly Healthy Snacking

How connected are you to your food? Modern society has us quite disconnected from what we eat. Where did your food come from? Who grew it, raised it, baked it? To bring ourselves into balance with our own bodies and nature, we have to start reclaiming that connection. Our theme throughout all these challenges have been one step at a time. So let’s apply that motto to our eating and look at how we can make small changes, for a big impact.

Eat Local

Just like our Shopping challenge, to become a greener eater, we need to start eating closer to home. You might not be a farmer, or even a gardener, but there are those close to you that are. Eating foods that were grown, raised or produced closer to home has a much smaller carbon footprint than eating food that had to be shipped long distances.

Shop farmers markets, local shops that feature locally made products and nearby farms.

Eat Sustainably

If we take a closer look one step beyond the supermarket shelf, we realize that we have the option to choose products that were produced sustainably. This especially applies to the meat and dairy industry which has the highest carbon footprint of all foods (curious about your food’s carbon footprint? Try this calculator). But it also applies to processed foods.

By doing a quick search, you can find a list of providers who apply techniques and practices that help conserve natural resources, with a minimal impact on the environment. By choosing their products, you vote with your dollars and when enough of us do it, the industry will change.

A Plant Based Approach

Journalist Michael Pollan said: ‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’

A diet high in plant based foods (especially fruits and vegetables) will always be the greenest and healthiest choice, for our bodies and our planets. If you and your family don’t eat much plant based foods now, then change should be small but steady. There is an abundance of plant based recipes available online, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and then not do anything. Choose one meal a week (meatless Mondays), or one type of meal (every breakfast) and go from there!

Nature Aligned Eating Action Steps

1. Eat local - Find a local farmer’s market, grocery store or farm and substitute at least one product you normally would buy from the supermarket. Start small and grow from there!

2. Eat sustainably - Find companies and growers that support sustainable and regenerative practices and let’s give them our vote.

3. Eat more plants - One smoothie, quinoa-salad or mushroom burger at a time!

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