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A Love Letter - To Your Kids

There are a lot of things I enjoy about owning this business. But one of my favourite things.
Hands down.
By far.
Is seeing your kids.

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but I just want to affirm, that your child is super special.

I know this, because they often talk to me while you are shopping.

Your kids are smart, funny, kind, creative, imaginative and they are such a great reminder of how rad it is to be an open-minded person who believes in magic.

Whether they are telling me about their day, their favourite toy, what they’re having for lunch once they’re done shopping, or why there is marker drawn all over their arms (web blasters, of course) - I love it all.

They make my day. 

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty awesome too!

But your kids. Your kids are really, something else.

If you've been shopping for years, or just came once, thank you.

For bringing them, and for making them feel loved and safe and confident, so they can keep being their cool selves. 

They're a gift. 


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  • Melinda Vieira on

    This is just another reason why I LOVE supporting you and your business! Thank you for sharing this with us…we are just as fortunate to have you as a part of our kids growth! My time with you is also coming to an end as my kiddos are growing so fast we are quickly moving into adult sizes. :( I will miss coming in to see all the great finds and chatting with you. CHEERS to my favourite consignment gal!

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