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8 Great Educational Websites

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Now that school is back in full swing, we know that many of you want to support your child's learning at home. Whether your child needs a bit more of a challenge, or needs help in a specific subject, we have gathered 8 great (and free) educational websites that might help. Check them out and let us know which one(s) is perfect for your child!

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  1. PBS Kids
    Mainly for the younger kids (preschoolers to age 8), PBS features curriculum based entertainment. 

  2. Cool Math 4 Kids (Up to age 12) and Cool Math (age 13+)
    These sister sites are for kids who love, or hate, math and just need some help. Fun games and quizzes will support your child in building their math skills.

  3. How Stuff Works
    This is the perfect page to visit when your child has questions you don't know the answer to! 

  4. Funbrain
    Fun Brain features learning games, reading and math from preschool to grade 8.

  5. Scholastic
    Lots of great activities for students from Pre-K to high school.

  6. Learning Games for Kids
    Just like it sounds, this page is full of games in all subjects. Kids will have fun while building their skills in math, language arts, geography, hand-eye coordination, arts and music and more.

  7. Study Jams
    Learn math and science through upbeat songs and fun videos

  8. The Happy Scientist
    The Happy Scientist (Robert Krampf) makes science understandable!

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