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7 Confidence Building Strategies

Family Parenting

In order for a child to be happy and feel secure, they need a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. This will allow for better learning and more success, as well as a good attitude about trying new things. But building confidence is more than just heaping praise over your child. Here are some tips:

  1. Praise the strategy
    Regardless of the end result, be sure to highlight the strategies your child used to get there. By seeing that their thinking and strategy is the most important part of the process, they learn that it can be applied to any situation they are in.

  2. Model the behaviour
    Our kids are like sponges that absorb the words and behaviours of those closest to them. Be sure to model positive self talk, especially in situations where things didn't turn out the way you wanted. 

  3. Acknowledge the improvements
    If your child believes that talent is something you're born with or not, they will go through life thinking they can't do things others can. Show them that when effort and practice is used, we can improve in all areas of our lives. We all crawled before we walked, and walked before we ran. Find areas that your child has improved in and she will see that there is nothing she can't do.

  4. Give them responsibilities
    Show your child that you believe him to be capable by giving him responsibilities. Your trust in him will go a long way to him building confidence in himself. 

  5. Go outside comfort zones
    Many children are confident in known, familiar areas like at home, but then shy and insecure elsewhere. Try to introduce your child to new situations, places or activities often. This will help show your child that she has the skills she needs to handle any situation.

  6. Recognize the effort
    If you can show your child that you accept and recognize their effort more than the result, you will help foster confidence and self-pride. Resist any perfectionist urges to "fix" your child's results and instead point out how effort always matters more than the end result.

  7. Be the student
    There are few things that build confidence like teaching someone else something. I know there are things your child can do that you can't! Think of some of them, and ask her to teach you! Your trust and confidence in her will stay with her forever.

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