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3 Stars and a Wish - Teaching your child to set goals


Why are goals so beneficial? Goals can help motivate and inspire us. They give us clarity and help us overcome procrastination. Goals allow us to monitor progress and can help keep us focused. And maybe most importantly, goals help us believe in our own abilities and fosters trust in ourselves that we can achieve what we believe. This is something we really want our children to know how to do. But it is important to know how to set goals, or they can backfire.
This is a fun way to teach your child how to set goals in a way that allows them to acknowledge their strengths while seeing the fun in growing and learning.

3 Stars and a Wish

  1. Start out with having three stars your child can write on. You can download our free printable here, or use paper cut-outs, or just shapes drawn on a paper.

  2. Have your child write one thing they are good at on each star (or have them tell you and you write them down).

  3. Once your child has chosen their three strengths, discuss HOW she became good at those things. This builds confidence in your child and allows her to appreciate what she already has accomplished.

  4. Now move on to the wish. Let your child write down on the cloud, (or a separate paper if not using our printable), something they would like to learn, or do. This is their goal.

  5. Teach your child how to apply the SMART principles to their goal:

    S: Specific
    M: Measurable
    A: Achievable
    R: Rewarding
    T: Time-Based

    This will make sure your child knows how to choose a goal that is realistic, and that will make them feel good in some way. Setting a time frame and coming up with a strategy to track his progress will also teach him how to be accountable and celebrate small steps on the way. 
You can do this exercise for different topics, like school, an activity or sport they enjoy, friends or family/home life. Just keep in mind that the wish, or goal, has to come from your child in order for her intrinsic motivation to work. This way she learns to listen to her inspirations and follow her instincts, something that will serve her for the rest of her life.

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