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20 Roles of a Parent


Have you ever stopped to think of ALL the different roles you play as a parent? Well we did and we think you deserve an award! Here are 20 we came up with but I bet you can think of a few more we may have forgotten! Tell us in the comments!

  1. Caretaker
  2. Personal chef
  3. Cheerleader
  4. Personal stylist (for a limited time only mind you)
  5. Story teller
  6. Homework helper
  7. Communicator (this is a BIG one)
  8. Bicycle instructor
  9. Boo-boo-kisser
  10. Comedian/Entertainer
  11. Hugger
  12. ATM machine
  13. Educator
  14. Diaper changer
  15. Negotiator
  16. Magician
  17. Cleaner/Laundromat
  18. Social relations consultant
  19. Photographer
  20. Unconditional love giver
Well done you! We salute you!

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