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Tic Tac Toe Relay Game

Family Party Ideas Play Summer

We are all about getting kids outside to play, and you too! This is a super fun game that you can play with your kids, or get your kids to play together this summer. It's also great if you are having a birthday party or family reunion as everyone is bound to want to get in on the fun! Here is how you play it:
  1. Divide your family or group into two teams. Smaller teams of 3-4 each are better so if you have a large group set up more than one game.
  2. Set up a tic tac toe grid by using hula hoops, sticks or by drawing it with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway (you'll need a 3x3 grid).
  3. Each team will need three markers, these can be different coloured bean bags, pieces of fabrics or rocks. The important thing is that you see the difference between each team's marker. Set the markers next to the grid. 
  4. The teams line up next to each other some way away from your grid. On go, the first player from each team runs up to the grid, picks up a marker, places it in the grid and then runs back to the team. Once the first team member is back, the second team member can run up and place a second marker in the grid (don't forget to block the other team!).
  5. If all three markers have been placed without a win, just keep moving your markers around every time you run up to the grid.
  6. First team to get three in a row wins.

It's a fast paced game that uses both physical and mental skills. And it is FUN! Let us know if you tried it! Here is a great video that shows the game in action:

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