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Road Trip Activities

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With summer comes road trip season, and if you are making a trek with little ones in the backseat, you might want to spend some time before hand planning out activities that will keep them entertained in between the stops. We’ve gathered up some great road trip ideas right here:

Make a map of your journey 

This is a great idea especially with the little bit older kids. You create your trip map (you can print it from Google maps) and track it along the way. You could even add rewards at certain points during the trip, and when you reach these points they get a toy or snack as a reward. This is great for teaching map skills and gives them something to focus on (the next reward point) to distract them from the long trip.

I Spy Jar

Make a jar of tiny treasures (paper clips, candy, hairbow, button, penny, ring, key, etc.).  Fill the jar with rice, wheat or dried lentils, and glue the lid onto the jar. Have the kids find the items by turning the jar.

Catalog shopping

Save up flyers or magazines from toy stores. And let your child ‘shop’ them. They can cut out pictures of the things they want and make a “wish list” collage for an upcoming birthday.

Aluminum Foil

This is an easy way to entertain the kids for a while. Give them a sheet of tin foil each and let them mold them into animal or other shapes!

Pipe Cleaners  

Another thing to get their creative juices flowing: pipe cleaners. They can be turned into jewelry, animals, braids etc.

Licence plate game

Print out a list of Canadian licence plates (or U.S. ones if you are travelling across the border) and let your kids check off the ones they see. First one to check them all wins! Here is a list of them all.

DVD Coloring Case

Make a coloring case of an empty DVD case which neatly holds all their coloring supplies. Check out instructions here!

Audio Books

Go to your local library and check out some audio books on CD. Fit the books to the age of your kids.

Printable Mad Libs

Mad Libs can be so funny, and the weirder the better (or so your kids will think anyways)! Here are some printable ones you can use for some laugh-out-loud moments.

Boredom buster games

Other things that will entertain are word searches, cross words and other puzzles that you can print out and use when boredom sets in.

Homemade Trail Mix

Of course a road trip wouldn’t be complete without some car-friendly snacks. Make your own trail mix using nuts, M&Ms, dried fruit, granola, goldfish crackers, pretzels, gummy fruit snacks etc. Use your imagination and go crazy – the more diversity the better. They get a scoop of the mix and it is different each time. Half the fun is picking out what they want to eat out of the mix first!

Marshmallows & Pretzels

Edible entertainment is perfect for road trips. Using pretzels and marsmallows (use a mix of mini, regular and large ones to make it more interesting). Make different animals, (snakes, spiders, cows, horses, dogs, cats) and then eat your creation!

Homemade granola bars

A granola bar is a great road trip snack because you don’t need containers and the spill factor is low. If you prefer to make your own, here are some recipes to try

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