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Should I let my child use a nightlight?

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The CloudB Twilight collection includes some of our best selling products. The adorable turtles and ladybugs project beautiful star constellations in your child’s room. But we sometimes get asked, is it okay to use a nightlight for my child? Am I starting a bad habit? So we are breaking down some of the positive reasons of use a nightlight:
Creating a positive experience
Healthy sleep is more likely to happen when bedtime is associated with positive emotions. Fear of the dark is a very common and very real anxiety in many children, and it can be a big obstacle to creating a nice, positive experience at bedtime. A nightlight can help ease that anxiety, and help foster a safe and happy state around bedtime.
Having a bedtime routine is very important to get your child ready to switch from the go-go-go of the day and get ready for sleep. What your routine consists of is less important, as long as you have a routine that helps your child transition from play time to sleep time. A night light can be an important part of that routine. Many night lights come with a timer (or you can plug it in to one) so that once the child is asleep, the room stays dark to promote a deep sleep.
Independent sleeping
When a child wakes up in the night, he/she is much more likely to soothe themselves to sleep if they have a nightlight on, (or if they can turn it back on themselves if it is on a timer). This is ideal in developing independent sleeping where the child learns the important skill of self-soothing. 
The main answer to this question that if your chid has some fears and anxieties around bedtime, using a nightlight will usually have a positive impact and can help turn bedtime into a safe, comfortable experience. And we are all for that!

Here are some tips one what to look for in a nightlight:
- A nightlight with a timer is ideal, as it stays on while the child needs it, before she falls asleep, but doesn’t waste energy all night long. Look for a nightlight that can be re-activated by the child should she wake up and need it.
- The perfect nightlight will provide some light, but without lighting up the room, causing a distraction in falling asleep. Look for a nightlight with an ambient glow without being too bright.
- Rather than a light just plugged into a socket in a corner of the room, night lights that project images (moving or still) can help the child drift off into dreamland by providing something for them to focus on and relax with. Look for a nightlight that projects stars, moons or waves on the ceiling. 
If you have any questions about any of our nightlights, please don’t hesitate to come in to the store and we’d be happy to show you the different options and answer any questions!

Happy Sleeping!

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