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National Family Play Date

Family Spring

The Active Family Project is an initiative that are trying to inspire families to be more healthy and active together: “Because we know that we are at our best and truly ourselves when we are active, healthy and enjoying time with the ones we love, the Active Family Project wants to help moms make smart, practical choices and to help them enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with their families – to live life the way they love – no matter what the day brings.” They dedicate one May weekend every year as “National Family Play date” as a way of getting families to set aside their busy schedules and connect with each other. 

So this week we have put together a list of activities you can do together as a family this or any other weekend, to reconnect and enjoy spending time together! Hopefully it will inspire you to set aside some playtime and maybe have a weekly play date with your family. Check it out and then leave us a comment with your family's favorite activity! 

Explore your city

Dig out the maps and the tourist destinations and take some time to explore your own city!

Have a picnic

Outside if you can, it’s more fun! But if weather doesn’t permit, have the picnic inside! Set a blanket down and pack a lunch or snacks in a basket!

Have an unplugged night

Pick a night where everyone has to “unplug”! No phones, computers, tablets or TVs allowed. Do something together as a family, go for a walk or play some boardgames!

Go for a hike

Pick a park, or path in your area and go for a hike! Load up with water, good shoes and healthy snacks for breaktime.

Go to your local Farmer’s Market

Show your kids that the grocery store is not the only place we can find fun, healthy foods! They will love seeing the variety of foods and goods that comes right from where you live!

Have a swing-off

Get on the swing with your kids (I know, kids swings are small, but you’ll forget once you start swinging) and have a swing off!

Play I Spy

Go to different locations and play I Spy! Take turns so you can guess too!

Scavenger Hunt

Write up a list of items and go for a Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt! Get some exercise while watching your kids excitement in finding the items on their list!

Play an outdoor game

Head outside and play! There are lots of different versions of tag to play, or how about hide-and-seek? Make an obstacle course and time each other going through it. Play hopscotch or jumprope.

Blow bubbles

You can blow the bubbles and your kids can try to catch them! Or the other way around! 

Hit the playgrounds

Make a list of all the playgrounds in your city. Make a point of trying to check off one every week.

Family movie night

Even the most active family needs some downtime once in a while. Snuggle up together, make some popcorn and enjoy a family movie!

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