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Build a child-friendly Fairy Garden

Crafts Earth Day ECO-Friendly Family Spring Summer

Earth Day is coming up which always brings us thoughts of nature and how to teach kids how to take care of our planet. I love the idea of Fairy Gardens and how they are just the perfect scale for kids to create and maintain. They make the perfect scene for your child's imagination and creativity to really come out and play. I'm sharing 4 easy steps to put a Fairy Garden together, and I'll share lots of pictures too to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you'll be so inspired that you'd like to make one for your very own :)

1. Pick your container
Your child's Fairy Garden can be in any type of container, so feel free to get creative with something you already have on hand, or let them shop for a bowl or pot they like. It can be a bucket, a pot, a bowl or basket, or a raised box garden, wagon or really anything that can handle getting damp. 

2. Choose a Fairy house
The house will be the main feature of the Fairy Garden so let your child's imagination flow here. Maybe they'd like to build a house out of Lego? Or use a tiny birdhouse (an existing one, or find a natural wood one at a craft store and paint it). Maybe they'd enjoy a log cabin made from wooden popsicle sticks, or a tepee using some fabric. The possibilities are endless!

3. Plan the garden
Once your child has chosen a house, you can see how much room is left for the garden. When choosing plants, consider their size as well as the location of the Fairy Garden. Will it get lots of sun or mostly shade? Succulents, mosses and ground covers are great because they let you have lots of space for accessories. But your Fairy Garden doesn't NEED plants. Using sand, coloured or natural, or rocks (big or small) can work just as well! The garden can have a beach theme, a forest (or jungle) theme or even a space theme. They decide!

4. Accessorize
You can certainly find lots of tiny little Fairy Garden accessories out there, like lawn chairs or what have you. But why not let your child have some fun creating items on their own. They can make bridges or fences out of popsicle sticks, use rocks of different sizes and shapes for chairs and tables, create a pond or lake by burying a pot or bowl or make use out of existing toys they already have. 

5. Have fun!
Use your Fairy Garden for FUN! Let your little ones create this magic world and inhabit it with the characters and events they create from their amazing imagination and just marvel at how amazing kids really are!

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