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15 Parenting Hacks - 1st Edition

Parenting Parenting Hacks

I think we are all doing pretty good at this parenting thing, wouldn't you say? But even a seasoned pro can benefit from a few helpful tips that make life a little smoother! So we gathered up 15 tips that we think can help you rock this parenting gig:

  1. Cut a sticker in half and stick the two halves on the inside of your child's shoes so he can easily determine left from right.

  2. If your child won't eat the apple slices you packed for lunch because they turned brown? Before packing, sprinkle some salt on the slices and then give them a quick rinse in some water. The water will wash off the salt, but the brief exposure will keep them looking fresh!

  3. Does your child use too much soap when washing their hands? Just wrap an elastic band around the pump so that it squirts less soap with each pump!

  4. Mess free painting: squirt there different colours of paint into a ziplock bag. Use painters tape to tape the bag to a window and let your child use her hands to swish the paint around.

  5. Does your child take a new cup every time they need a drink of water? Just add one or two magnets to the side of a plastic cup and stick it to the fridge!

  6. Does your child love to do crafts? Add a lint roller to your crafting supplies. It works wonders for picking up glitter, threads, paper clippings or other messy leftovers.

  7. Did your little one get a splinter? Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread over the splinter. Leave for a few minutes and the baking soda will help push the splinter out for easier removal.

  8. Can't find socks with grips? Use puffy fabric paint to add your own to the bottom of your child's socks.

  9. Need a bug proof option for baby while outside? Just use your playpen and stretch a fitted crib sheet over top. The mesh sides will let the breeze through while protecting baby from pesky bugs.

  10. Did your budding artist use the furniture as her canvas? Use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from wood furniture.

  11. Keep extra pacifiers in your purse or diaper bag? Use the small to-go dipping sauce containers from your favourite restaurant to keep them clean.

  12. Clean toys by running them through a cycle in the dishwasher.

  13. Is the hair on your child's favourite doll getting a little messy? Use some fabric softener on it and rinse with water to make it nice and soft.

  14. Use a shower caddy to keep your child's toys and games organized in the car when going for a longer drive.

  15. Keep little fingers from getting caught in the door with a pool noodle! Cut a piece off the noodle, and cut a wedge just big enough that the noodle can slide over the edge of your door. 

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