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String Easter Eggs

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When I saw a picture of these beautiful Easter string eggs I just had to find out how to make them. It is surprisingly easy and child friendly to make them, considering how nice they turn out! They look great in a bowl, or hanging in a window or in an Easter tree! Using sugar water gives them a bit of a sparkle, but I've included a few different methods, choose what works for you!
Supplies needed
  • Balloons (water balloons make the best size for eggs, but regular balloons can be used and blown up to desired size)
  • Different colors of embroidery thread
  • Fabric stiffener (can be found in craft stores) OR sugar water (boil equal amounts of sugar and water, let cool) OR white glue diluted with a bit of water
  • Pin (to pop the balloon)
  1. Cover your working surface with newspapers, this craft is a bit messy!
  2. Blow up the balloons to desired size - you can make them small like real eggs, or bigger like... real big eggs.
  3. Cut threads into 12-24 inch lengths
  4. Dip the thread in your desired "glue", pull thread through your fingers to remove excess.
  5. Wind the thread around the balloon. Mix colours, or use different shades of the same colour. Cover the balloon as much or as little as you'd like for desired effect, but keep in mind if you wind them too close together it might be harder to get the balloon out.
  6. Tie a string around balloon and hang it up to dry (around 24 hours). Hanging it over newspaper makes sure any drips are caught while it dries.
  7. Once threads have dried and stiffened, pop the balloon with pin, and gently pull it out between threads.

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