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Refreshing Your Child's Loved Ones

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“Puppy” (I know, not a really inventive name, but there it is) has been in our family for about 9 years, almost as long as my son. While my son was a baby, Puppy was safely kept away from his crib, but once he got old enough to keep his “friends” with him in bed, Puppy quickly became his favourite one. Puppy is always the one stuffy he HAS to have at bedtime. He also has to come with anytime we go to a restaurant, the grocery store or visit a relative. He has also come with on our family travels. Puppy is quite well travelled, having been to Switzerland, England, Sweden, Norway and the U.S. as well as several Canadian cities. A few times he got lost and this was stressful for all. But somehow he was always found and brought safely home again.
Puppy BEFORE getting washed

The challenge with all of Puppy’s adventures, is that he is looking a little, well, filthy! But I have always been very reluctant to washing him, dreading the aftermath if something went wrong in the process. So I’ve been diligently surface washing him, but I found that some dirt was just impossible to get out. So I went on a mission to figure out which stuffed animals are safe to wash, and what is the safest way to do it! And I wanted to share my findings with you, in case you have your own dirty puppy at home!
Most stuffed animals are okay to wash in your washer, but there are some exceptions.
DO NOT wash plush toys that have the following:
- Music box or battery compartment
- Glued on parts
- Delicate fabrics or details
- Bean type filling rather than batting
Puppy qualified to be washed. He does wear a sweater that get changed by season, so I took it off and he got to go in naked. So to speak. Here are some DO’s when you wash your little one’s, loved ones:
- DO put them in a mesh laundry bag for some extra protection
- DO wash them on gentle/delicates cycle
- DO wash them in a washer without an agitator, if possible, as the agitator can displace the batting, causing it to ball up. If you have no choice, try washing it with a load of other items so it doesn’t get too much of a beating.
- DO wash them in cool or warm water, stay away from hot water.
- DO hang them to dry, stay away from the dryer (be sure to squeeze out any excess water, they can absorb quite a bit).
1. I removed Puppy's sweater, and did a bit of spot
cleaning with a mild spot remover
2. Into the mesh bag for protection. Also, I DO have an
agitator so I made sure I washed Puppy with a load
of towels, so he didn't get worked about too much
3. Hang to dry as the heat of the dryer can cause
damage to the batting and other details
If you’d rather not put the plush in the washer, vacuuming them also helps remove dust and lint. Spot cleaning using a mild stain remover or detergent can also help if a deep clean is not needed.
Puppy AFTER - much better!

Who is your child’s must have stuffed animal? We’d love to see pictures!

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