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Colourful Magazine Butterflies


There is something special about seeing the first butterfly of spring! Since we might have to wait a bit longer before that happens, we wanted to share this fun and easy butterfly craft, where magazine pages give the butterflies their beautiful colors! 
What you need:
~ Two magazine pages, cut into two squares - one smaller and one bigger, in colors of your choice.
~ One pipe cleaner
How to make it:
~ Start by folding each square accordion style, diagonally, starting from the corner. Folding in smaller folds will give you a bit more flexibility in the wings. You might need to help your younger child in making the folds, or get them started and let them finish.
~ One done, one more to go!
~ Next, fold your pipe cleaner in half and make a finger-sized loop on the bottom
~ Put your two folded squares in the centre of the pipe cleaner and twist it over top to keep them in place. Here, I put the bigger square on the bottom, BUT...
~ ...then I realized that it made more sense to have the big square on the top. It looked much more butterfly-ie that way.
~ Curl the pipe cleaner on top to make the antennae.
~ The butterfly can be worn on a finger, or held by the loop to swish and fly. So easy to make, and the colour combinations are endless!

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