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Checklist for your Baptism, Christening or Naming Ceremony

Baptism Checklist Christening

Easter is one of the most popular holidays of the year to perform a baptism ceremony. Whether you are planning your child’s baptism, christening or naming ceremony for this Easter, or later in the year, we thought we’d give you some helpful tips on planning your event!
  • Contact your church - Depending on your faith you may have to schedule your child’s baptism fairly far in advance. Different faiths also have different requirements for the activities you need to be involved with prior to the baptism, so it’s best to find out what is required of you earlier on.
  • Choose your godparents - Again depending on your faith, the godparents can have different levels of participation in the planning of the event, so involving them early in the process is great! You want to choose someone who has similar values and traditions as you, and someone who is ready and willing to take on the responsibility.
  • Choose the outfit - Some families have a tradition of using the same baptism outfit for every baptism in the family, if this is the case for you, you might want to bring it out of storage and check for any necessary alterations needed. Sometimes it needs cleaning or an alteration in size, or simply a change in ribbon colour. Either way, it’s best to have those details taken care of early on. If you are purchasing an outfit specifically for your child’s baptism it’s also best to take care of it now. You may be lucky enough to find the perfect outfit right away, but you might also have to special order the perfect outfit for your little one. And it’s always best to do that with plenty of time so that you are not worried about it coming in on time. The pieces you need can vary depending on your faith and traditions, but usually you want a gown or a suit, a hat or bonnet, a diaper cover, socks and/or shoes. Depending on what is used during the ceremony you may need a cap, onesie and bib, to protect the gown or suit. 
  • After ceremony celebration -  A baptism is a celebration of new life, and bringing your child into your family’s faith and traditions. Once the ceremony is over, it’s time to relax with your family and friends and celebrate! Where you have your get-together depends a bit on how many guests you are expecting. Sometimes the church you are with has a hall or room that can be used for this purpose. Some people prefer renting a private room in a restaurant, and another popular alternative is to do it in the family home. Food can be catered or provided by family members. Pick easy to eat finger foods to keep it simple: bite-sized sandwiches, or pinwheels, devilled eggs and a great spinach dip are some great ideas. Accept any help offered from family, friends or the godparents to make the event less stressful!
  • Time to invite - Once dates, times and locations have been settled, it’s time to send out invitations. you can do printed invitations or electronic ones, depending on who your guests are. 
  • Photos - Having a designated person or two take photos during the ceremony and party afterwards will really be appreciated later on. Whether you choose to use a professional photographer (and if you do, you will want to book them earlier rather than later) or just make sure some of the guests are designated photographer is going to take the pressure off of you. Catching those precious moments is hard to do while you are busy during and after the ceremony. And you will so treasure those pictures later.
We are happy to special order the perfect baptism or Christening outfit for your little one! Email us for more info!

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