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Valentine Popcorn

Recipe Valentine's Day

What's a holiday if not an excuse to have some yummy treats? And we are always on the lookout for ones that we can do WITH our kids! This simple recipe mixes sweet and salty to perfection! Great just for munchin, or pack in small bags for a great Valentine’s gift to give to friends!

What you need:

- Your favourite popcorn (pop yourself or buy ready made)

- Candy melts, in Valentine’s colors (pink, red or purple are all great)

- Sprinkles of your choice (you can use specific Valentine’s sprinkles if you want to stick with the theme, but really, any kind will work)

- Baking sheet with waxed paper

How to make it:

- Pop your popcorn and spread it evenly on baking sheet. If you are using a combination of candy melt colors, you might want to use a different sheet for each color.

- Melt your candy melts and gently mix with popcorn until evenly coated

- Sprinkle with sprinkles and let cool


Picture courtesy of She Wears Many Hats

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