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20 Fun Winter Activities

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It’s easy to sit inside and complain about how long and cold our winters are. But when you just sit and wait for it to pass, it goes so slooooow! So we thought we’d put together a list of fun winter activities, a winter bucket list really, that you and your family can use for inspiration while we wait for spring! We’ve separated it into 10 indoor and 10 outdoor activities for so you have some options even when it’s hazardous to go outside :)

Outdoor Activities

o   Build a snowman family (one for each family member – and the pet)

o   Campfire – if you have a firepit in your yard, roast wieners and drink hot chocolate!

o   Snow Sports – play your favourite game (soccer, football etc.) in the snow! You won’t get hurt if you fall, and running in snow makes for a better workout!

o   Go on a hike! If you can get out of the city, great, but if not, walk around your neighbourhood or a nearby park.

o   Scavenger hunt – you can tie this into your hike, or just do it in your backyard!

o   Paying it forward – Have an elderly person in your neighbour hood? Give everyone a shovel and go shovel their walkway/driveway, and teach your child that kindness begins like a ripple on the water!

o   Build a snow fort – like the snowmen, the temperature has to be just right for fort building, but when it is – get creative and deck your fort out!

o   Go tobogganing – have a race with your kids to see who gets down the hill first! All that climbing and laughing will give everyone plenty of exercise.

o   Pain the snow – mix some food colouring and water in a squeeze bottle or water bottle and head out to paint beautiful art in the snow!

o   Freeze balloons – mix water with food colouring, fill up balloons and let them freeze! Peel off the balloon to reveal a beautiful ice-orb. Use it to decorate your sidewalk, or incorporate them into the walls of your snow fort (like stained glass windows)!

Indoor Activities

o   Teach your child to knit (younger ones can learn finger knitting to start)

o   Make a family tree – great craft where you can incorporate family stories

o   Hot Chocolate Sampling Party – use small sample cups to taste test different hot chocolate flavours, and provide fun toppings like marshmallows, sprinkles, candy canes (if you still have some left), or mini chocolate chips

o   Movie Marathon – have everyone pick their favourite family movie, and set up a movie marathon. You can even pair each movie with a meal to make it even more fun and special (how often do we get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of the TV??)

o   Scavenger hunt – This works inside to on those too cold days! Set it up for your kids – or let them set one up for you!

o   Draw – go lo-tech and bring out the paper and pencils and crayons. You can even make it a fun game by giving everyone a piece of paper, and have everyone draw just a head (whatever kind the want) at the top of the paper. Fold the paper over so that all you can see are the necklines, then everyone hands their paper to the person on the left. Now, draw an upper body, fold the paper down so you can only see the bottom lines. Hand the paper to the left again and draw legs. Keep going until everyone has drawn feet. Swap again and reveal the masterpieces one at a time. They can turn out pretty funny!

o   Play boardgames – I know, it seems like an obvious indoor activity – but in today’s age of electronics, boardgames are easily forgotten. Make it a family tournament and have some snacks to go along with it.

o   Make a movie – let the little ones use the camcorder (or phone), to make their own mini-movie. Mom or dad can be the cameraman if you’re not ready to let them be in charge but either way they will love being the star in their own movie.

o   Break records – who can stand on one leg the longest? Who can blow the biggest soap bubble, or stack the most blocks? Come up with a list of events, and have small prizes for each record!

o   Have a reading day – look through new and forgotten books on the bookshelves, and have read-to-self as well as read-to-other sessions. Start by baking some cookies for a nice treat while reading, and set up a cozy reading corner.

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