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Tomorrow is too late - Teaching your child the importance of Earth Day today

Earth Day Parenting

Earth Day is but one day to bring awareness to an issue that is affecting us every day: The state of our planet. It is in dire need of our attention and loving intentions, and every person can make a difference. There are some scary facts about the health of Mother Earth, but rather than scaring our children, we need to focus on love. We need to love and care for our planet like we love and care for people close to us. We need to inspire a passion in our children to save it. We do this by teaching our children by example every day of the year, but Earth Day makes a perfect excuse to start this conversation. Here are some actions we can discuss and do, to make our children understand their very important part in saving this beautiful, majestic place we live in:
  • Don’t litter - nature is not a garbage can, it’s home to many living beings beside ourselves. But take it one step further - schedule a day where you as a family take a walk down your street or around your block or in favourite park and pick up any trash you see (especially helpful this time of year when the snow melts). Maybe you’ll even inspire your neighbours or extended family members to do the same!

  • Recycle! We save so many resources by reusing materials. Teach your child to look for the triangle before throwing something in the garbage.

  • Turn out lights and unplug chargers when you’re not using them. We are using up the earth’s resources to keep up with power demands and if it’s for something we’re not even using, we are draining the resources for no reason. Programming your thermostat falls into this category as well.

  • Don’t waste water - for the same reason as above.

  • Fuel emissions are not good for humans, animals or nature. Teach your child how we can reduce them by walking or riding your bicycle when possible. It’s good for our bodies too!

  • Plant a tree, and teach your child how to grow plants and food. Show them how eating foods grown closer to home helps both our planet and us. You can also join us at Kids Trading Company on Earth Day to plant a sunflower!
Helpful tools
Lorax and Ferngully are both great movies to help younger children understand what happens when you don’t take care of your environment. For the older children you can watch “An inconvenient truth” together and you can also find lots of resources online, like on YouTube.

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