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Let's Have a Picnic

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We have officially entered summer picnic-mode! So we thought we'd share some perfect picnic food ideas for you and your kids to get outside and truly enjoy this short summer season! We are splitting them into three categories, snacks or appetizers, main meals and desserts. Be sure to keep your foods cold until it's time to eat.

Bite-sized snacks

  • Devilled eggs (use your own favourite recipe or try this one)
  • Stuffed cucumber bites (cut mini cucumbers into 3/4 inch pieces and scoop out the middle with melon scoop - don't scoop through the bottom. Mix about 1/2 cup of cream cheese with dill, salt and some lemon zest. Spread into the hollowed out cucumbers)
  • Fruit and/or veggie kebabs - stick your child's favourite fruit or veggies on a kebab stick and voila! A perfect, easy to eat, picnic worthy snack.
  • Sandwich-on-a-stick

The main meal

  • Kebabs - if your picnic site has a grill, prepare your kebabs ahead of time using beef or chicken and mixed vegetables. Keep cool until you get to the grill.
  • Grilled chicken - make it super easy and pick up a grilled chicken (or make your own if you have the time). Break off pieces right out of the basket, no need to get fancy! Or cook up your own drumsticks ahead of time.
  • Cold pasta salad served with french bread - Here is a child-friendly recipe from my favourite Ree Drummond!
  • Sandwiches - sandwiches for supper is totally acceptable during picnic season! Make your family's favourites and keep cold until eating time.


  • Cookies - make the perfect picnic dessert. If you are close to home and can pull off bringing ice cream to your picnic, you can even make your own cookie-ice cream-sandwiches!
  • Energy bars - I always think that's a bad name for them because my son sure doesn't need MORE energy than he already has ;) But they are still a great snack, and if you make your own they can be a lot healthier than store bought versions. Use your favourite recipe or try this one.
  • Melon balls - what is a picnic without watermelon? But sliced watermelon can be messy and sticky. Use a melon scoop or ice cream scoop and scoop out little balls ahead of time and the bite sized fruit won't be as messy. Give your child a toothpick to spear them with and it's even less messy!
  • Muffins - make your family's favourite muffin as a great stand-alone snack or as a sweet ending to your meal.

Happy picnicking! 

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