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7 Family Fun Ideas

Family Parenting

Did you know August is National Family Fun Month? It makes sense, since it's the last month of summer holidays before kids go back to school. One last month to enjoy all that summer has to offer before seriousness takes over in September. We line up some ideas for some great family activities you can enjoy this month.
1. Make a family music video: Start your own family tradition and produce your own music video!  All you need is a camera, a fun and upbeat song, and high-energy! Let your kids pick several different outfits to rotate during the music video shoot. If you’re daring, post the video on Youtube…who knows, maybe the video will go viral! I know my son would love this one!

2. Host a BBQ potluck: It's so hard with our busy lives to get together with anyone other than our closest family members. So why not get your extended family together by throwing a family BBQ in your backyard or at the local park? Get everyone to bring a dish to minimize the workload.

3. Have an ice-cream party: What’s better than eating ice cream? Eating ice cream that you’ve made yourself! Using a recipe you find online let your kids make their own ice cream. One of the easiest ones I've found is to use frozen bananas as a base, add a bit of nut butter (if no allergies), cocoa powder and a bit of honey for sweetener. You'll be amazed at the ice-cream like texture and awesome flavour. Change up flavours by adding different ingredients like berries or other fruits. Put out a spread of different toppings so that they can make their ice cream unique to their own taste and preference!

4. Create sidewalk art with chalk: Let each family member have their own section of the sidewalk, or plan out a family masterpiece you work on together. Make sure to take a picture to remember it even after it rains.

5. Go for a bike ride: Bikes, tricycles, scooters – whatever your family rides, just get moving together. Bring a backpack with snacks and stop for a picnic somewhere, or ride to the playground and extend the fun.

6. Have a movie night: If you can find a local drive-in, give your kids a retro experience. Or use a projector and a blank wall or sheet for a backyard movie night. Or watching a movie in your livingroom works just as well. Set up a snack station where everyone can fill up their individual popcorn bowl and drink.

7. Take a road trip: You might not have the time off to go on an actual week-long road trip vacation, although if you do - have fun! But a day trip close to home can still be exciting. Check out nearby attractions or just go for the drive and change of scenery. Pack a lunch and some snacks and enjoy some family time. 

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