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Frozen Banana Ice Cream

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Maybe I've been living under a rock, because I don't know why it took me so long to discover the absolute bliss of frozen banana ice cream?? But now that I have, I want to share it with everyone I meet, and maybe you've known about it for ages, but if you are like me and never tried this amazing dessert - I'm about to blow your mind!
I found this recipe using basically JUST a banana. A frozen banana. When our bananas are about to go a little too ripe, I usually slice them up and freeze them, so I can use them in smoothies and such. Turns out, these frozen banana slices also makes the perfect ice cream. The version I tried also included peanut butter and cocoa, but really, the possibilities are endless and you can come up with you and your child's personal favourites by experimenting. And if you are crunched for time or ingredients, just the plain banana is great too. Here is how you make it:
What you need:
Frozen banana slices
High powered blender or food processor

Optional add-ins:
Chocolate Chips
All natural peanut butter
Shredded Coconut

How to make it:
1. Put the frozen banana in your blender or food processor and pulse.
2. At first, it will seem like the frozen chunks are just spinning around, but just keep going.
3. Soon, you will see the chunks starting to break down and turn into a smooth puree. You might need to use a spatula to scrape the banana chunks down from the sides.
4. Keep pulsing until most of the banana chunks have been blended (a few bits of banana doesn't hurt and adds texture to your ice cream).
5. If you'd like to flavour your ice cream, add your preferred add-ins now and keep blending until incorporated. My favourite is a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and a tablespoon of cocoa, with a touch of honey. It turns out very chocolatey, but I like that. I like it very much.
6. Your ice cream is ready! By now it will be a soft serve texture, so if you would like it more like hard ice cream you can just transfer it into a freezer safe bowl or container and pop it in the freezer for a while. But I've never managed to wait that long and usually eat it right away.
One frozen banana will make approximately a half cup serving which is just right for one, so if you are sharing, make a bigger batch. Let me know how you liked it after you try!

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