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Take Back Your Laundry Room - The Benefits of Natural Laundry Soap

ECO-Friendly Laundry

Did you know that laundry rooms are considered the most toxic room in your house? When you look in the laundry aisle of the department store, you will find a wide range of laundry detergents to choose from. Most people shop the brand they've used for years, just out of habit. But there are valid reasons to stop and wonder, is that commercial laundry detergent best for you and your family? If you've ever wondered what the deal is with the natural laundry soaps, and what the difference really is - read on and we'll explain why you might want to make the switch sooner, rather than later. 

Laundry Soap Without Soap

It might surprise you to learn that commercial laundry detergents aren't made with soap at all. As the ingredients needed to make soap became sparse during the second world war, petroleum was used instead to make many types of chemicals - detergents being one. Petrochemical can be found in laundry detergents as fragrance, phthalates or artificial colours. Although manufacturers are not required to list these chemicals in the ingredients, they are toxins that build up in our skin and can have very harmful effects on our health. 

The difference: Natural laundry soaps are made with natural cleaning products like soap and washing soda and without the harsh chemicals.


Using essential oils as a fragrance is expensive, so the manufacturers of traditional detergents use chemicals such as formaldehydes to create synthetic fragrances. The carriers of these scents are phthalates which many of you look out for when shopping plastic products. All this adds up to asthma and allergies in many children and adults.

The difference: Any fragrance in natural laundry soap is accomplished with natural essential oils. They don't leave a residue on your clothes and therefor won't smell as strongly, or be as long lasting as your traditional detergent. But this also means you are not breathing in harmful chemicals or keeping them close to your skin while you wear your clothes.


Bleach is a harsh chemical that is harmful to the environment, your health and your clothes. It breaks down the fibers in the fabric, causing more lint which leads to a fire hazard in your dryer. To stabilize bleach manufacturers use EDTA which can also release heavy metal into the water supply.

The difference: The clean, disinfectant effect you hope to achieve with bleach, can just as easily be found with baking soda which is what you will find in the natural laundry soaps.

Fabric Softeners

Fabric softener is also made with harmful chemicals, and it creates a build up in the fibers of your clothes and can cause skin reactions. 

The difference: Use wool dryer balls to cut down on drying time, soften your clothes and prevent wrinkles. A few drops of essential oil on your dryer balls will infuse a scent you like without all the toxic build up!

Now there are many more toxic ingredients in commercial detergents that we didn't mention here, but they all have harmful effects on the environment and our health. These chemicals are also the reason many of these detergents are not useable for cloth diapers. 

The only way to take back our laundry rooms from the "most toxic room in the house" list it's currently on, is to switch to natural laundry soaps. If you have the time, you can make your own, but there are many great natural brands out there to buy ready made. Here at Kids Trading Company we sell The Laundry Tarts all natural laundry soaps, dryer balls, and stain remover sticks. Their products are free from chlorine, phosphates, phthalates and EDTA's. And they smell incredible!

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