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15 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Parenting Thanksgiving

In today's society, it's easy to just rush about our lives and let kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion fall to the side. Let's be good role models to our children and inspire a new generation of kindness. Here are 15 ideas for Random Acts of Kindness you can share with your kids. Post the list somewhere where you see it often as a reminder, or create a cute RAK craft (like this cute Popsicle-stick one) where your child can pull out a random idea for the day. And ask your child to contribute with an idea as well, children has such kind, giving hearts, that they might end up inspiring us too!

  1. Make pretty bookmarks with a positive message, and leave them in books for others to find
  2. Write a thank you card for a teacher
  3. Let someone else go ahead of you in line today
  4. Donate some books to your library
  5. Go to your favourite park and pick up litter
  6. Leave a coin in a candy machine for someone else to find
  7. Collect some food for the food bank
  8. Write a thank you card for your bus driver
  9. Play with someone who looks lonely
  10. Give someone a hug
  11. Bring some dog or cat food to the animal shelter
  12. Do something helpful to someone, without being asked
  13. Know a family that is going through a tough time? Cook them a meal and bring it to them.
  14. Say something nice to a sibling, family member or friend.
  15. Write 3 nice things about someone you know, and put it somewhere you know they will find it.

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